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Sales Training Games



Graham Roberts-Phelps




Sales Training Resources

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Sales Training Games

For Sales Managers and Trainers

An eclectic collection of simple sales games, exercises and activities covering every aspect of selling skills and the sales process. The variety, simplicity and shortness of the games makes this collection an essential addition to the sales trainer's toolkit for preparing sales team meetings and sales training sessions - both formal and informal.

Hardback: 252 pages

Contents: Introduction; Summary of games; Ice-breakers and Energizers: Gift of the gab; Personal introductions with a twist; Three-letter words; Acronym quiz; Human bingo; Jargon quiz; Three things in common; Cricket Practice; Ten questions about you; Sales graffiti; Euroland quiz; Subject Breakers: Helping buyers to buy; Sales presentation - do’s and don'ts; Customer-focused selling; Cold calling blues!; The sales factory; Who or what won the sale?; Nothing happens until someone sells something; Models and Methods: Setting your own goals; Key questioning skills; Selling benefits; Most common objections; Closing questions; Pipeline planning; Customer fact-find; Selling by telephone; Rent payers and sleeping giants; The John Todd formula; Quizzes and Questionnaires: Product knowledge; Company knowledge; Presentation skills; Questioning skills; Rapport-building; Objection handling; Sales time management; Prospecting; Group Energizers: Discussion group; What do you like about selling?; The easiest job in the world!; Personal sales history; Pirate raid; My greatest sale; My worst sales appointment; Top five sales qualities; Selling paper clips; Wordsearches and crossword; Problem-solving and Planning: Boss for a day; Who killed the sale?; Cost-effective PR; SWOT analysis; Sales improvement brainstorm; Referral planning; The sales doctor; Persuasive writing skills 1; Persuasive writing skills 2; Preparing for a sales call; Role Plays, Practice Sessions and Case Studies: Appointment making; Thirty-second presentations; Chance encounter; Negotiation skills; Needs analysis ; Think positive!; The big presentation; Telling is not selling; Presenting with power; Closing and trial closing; Skill Boosters: Buying signals; Closing questions; Sales success formula: E=MC2; Increasing order size; Follow up; Sales pipeline; Referrals; Time wasters; How to double your sales; Success definition; Goal setting; Lost sales opportunity; Best customers; Thirty-second presentation; Preparation; Sales skills; Sales analysis; Sales activity; Sales questions; Mental rehearsal; Answers; Further reading.