Use our 'Core Skills' in 16 languages

The SSA represents an international standard for selling skills. Your staff will be benchmarked against all previous candidates from over 40 different countries. Each assessment statement is timed (to ensure results captured are a true and honest reflection of an individual's skills level) and so it is therefore preferable to select languages your staff are most fluent in.

Our best selling product, Core Skills package, can be sat in 16 languages. However, assessing sales staff from around the world does not mean you need to be fluent in every chosen language. When booking SSA assessments you can decide which language each member of staff takes the assessment in, but then also which language you would like to read their report in. Pretty clever, huh?

More languages will be available in 2019. However, if you have a pressing project and your preferred language is not available, please feel free to contact Customer Support to discuss our schedule and the possibility of meeting your requirements.

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Chinese (Traditional)Latin American Spanish
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