Sales Skills Audit (SSA) provides a suite of bite-sized assessment modules that allow managers and employers to quickly and accurately monitor essential selling skills and thereby manage sales performance.

Our sales assessment modules are typically 30 minutes or less and can be bought and managed online by the manager.

The SSA is ideal as:

  • Your gateway to the world of sales assessment
  • Getting to grips with a large or new sales team
  • Recruiting new sales executives - will they need pre-training?
  • Managing high volume CV job applications
  • Finding sales skills gaps and focusing training for immediate sales uplift

What type of questions can be answered?

  • How developed are your staff's communication skills?
  • How well do they understand your prospect's business?
  • Do your sales executives have the right skills for the job you want them to do?
  • How well do they know the basics of closing a sale?
  • How well can they negotiate, and to what level of competence?
  • Do they have the techniques to make a sales prospect feel comfortable?
  • How clearly do they understand the importance of planning and preparation?
  • The person who just impressed you in an interview, can they be dropped into the field or do they require training before customer contact?

... you get the idea!

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