Purchasing Assessments and E-learning

There are two ways to purchase assessments and e-learning. 

1: Licensee Account

Please note that we are now running version 2.0 of our software so all licensee users can enjoy our 2018 beta testing partner prices through to the end of 2018. Open a licensee account for the best prices and full Sales Skills Audit functionality. If you employ 5 or more staff we recommend being a licensee user, the benefits are clear:

Sales assessment and e-learning for sales staff

  • 10 FREE credits as a welcome from SSA Ltd and instant access. 'Find - Fix - Fly' today!
  • Better credit prices - save over 60% with our '2018 beta testing partner prices'
  • Use of our Booking Manager dashboard to automate e-learning recommendations
  • Powerful Team Reports and Team Comparator tools included without extra cost
  • Historical assessment and e-learning archive for reference
  • Access to our 'SSA Pro' service to white-label assessments with your own livery
  • Access to our 'Recruitment Genie” service to employ better skilled executives

Licensee User Credit Tariff

Up to 250 credits - £7.90 each - 60%+ saving as '2018 beta user' - 1st Jan 2019 rate £19.95 each

251 to 1,250 credits - £7.25 each - 64%+ saving as '2018 beta user' - 1st Jan 2019 rate £17.95 each

1251 + credits - £6.65 each - 67%+ saving as '2018 beta user' - 1st Jan 2019 rate £15.95 each

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2: Training Store

Use our Training Store for single online purchases, using your credit card. Good for a single purchase.

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