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Business Negotiation



Paul T. Steele and Tom Beasor




Negotiating and Closing

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Business Negotiation

A Practical Workbook

Getting up to speed with negotiation quickly can be straightforward and easy with this practical guide. Using simple language, and a host of practical exercises to support the text, it is designed for any negotiator who wants to improve their knowledge, increase confidence and develop the essential skill.

The book begins by demonstrating the importance negotiation plays in both commercial and interpersonal relationships, Business Negotiation then takes the reader through 20 developmental steps which cover: objective setting and planning; the first phases of negotiation; managing movement; and completing the deal. Each step features a knowledge and skill building exercise, tips and techniques including: 

• Example scripts 
• Negotiation tactics 
• Practical exercises 
• Dilemmas and suggested solutions 
• Key points. 

In a highly interactive style, this book provides a learning route to skilled negotiation. Written by experts in the field of negotiation, it gives a clear picture of all aspects of the subject and arms the reader with a wealth of ideas and examples for their next negotiation.

Paperback - 260 pages