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Sales Training



Frank Salisbury




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Sales Training

'Sales Training' is commonly recognised as the standard reference for trainers on all aspects in the development of sales people. 

This new edition, now published by Gower, takes the reader through the step-by-step process of training as it relates specifically to sales. Frank Salisbury explains the role of sales people, the skills they require and the best approach to take in training them. The author introduces new material on structured and professional selling, the use of non-verbal language training, techniques for sales managers to develop staff in the field, and the role of motivation. A whole new focus is that of developing sales managers as coaches and the crucial impact this can have on sales people and thus a company’s success. 

Frank Salisbury advocates that selling should be seen as a physical skill, which can be learned by everyone. This pragmatic approach underpins Sales Training, making it an essential guide for any organization which wants to take the development of professional sales people seriously.

Hardback - 234 pages