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The Management of Major Sales



Neil Rackham & Richard Ruff




Sales Management

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The Management of Major Sales

The Management of Major Sales, like its companion volumes Making Major Sales and Account Strategy for Major Sales, is based on the idea that ‘big ticket’ selling is different. It requires different strategies and techniques from those that work for smaller sales. And it follows that different management skills are needed. The book examines these strategies, techniques and skills, and shows how they can be used to improve sales performance. For example: In smaller sales, managers can often increase productivity by helping their sales team to work harder. In large sales this approach may actually make things worse. The book describes alternative strategies for increasing sales effectiveness. In smaller sales, managers are generally more successful if they avoid getting involved in face-to-face selling. In larger sales, though, face-to-face selling is part of the sales manager’s function. 

The authors show how major account sales managers can play a vital role in the selling process. Coaching is a key activity for any sales manager. But again, in larger sales it’s important for managers to understand the differences between skills coaching and strategy coaching. The book explains how both types of coaching can be used to improve results. Drawing on the experience of companies like IBM and Xerox, the authors use real-life case studies and examples to illustrate their points throughout the text. The Management of Major Sales will provide sales managers and sales directors with a set of practical tools for achieving increased profitability.

A4 Hardback - 180 pages