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Contract Negotiation Handbook



P.D.V. Marsh




Negotiating and Closing

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Contract Negotiation Handbook

All organisation enter into agreements for purchase and supply of goods and services, and most managers have some involvement in negotiating them. Equally, the successful planning, execution and conclusion of contract negotiations can contribute directly to company profitability. 

The Contract Negotiation Handbook explains how the need to negotiate arises and how to create a negotiating plan. It sets out a structured approach to negotiation through all its various stages – preparing to negotiate, the opening of negotiations and how these develop at the negotiating table, and the closing and recording of the bargain. The use and misuse of certain tactics in negotiation are also covered. 

This classic text has now been thoroughly updated and revised, employing a more user-friendly approach. New features include a discussion of partnering and the importance of long-term relationships and contracts. The role of the psychology of bargaining is integrated throughout the text, rather than being treated as a separate entity.

Hardback - 338 pages